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Snowboard Bindings

Union Contact Pro Binding
The Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings take the term "off-limits" and flush it down the toilet. Strap into these bindings and there's nowhere on the mountain that you can't go (unless Patrol gives you a good reason). The Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings are for the freestyle boarder who still dreams of surfing pow, jibbing trees instead of rails, and not being bound to a single space.
Union Rosa Binding
Proving that entry level doesn't have to mean bottom of the barrel, the Union Rosa Snowboard Bindings bring top shelf technology to the people with an incredibly lightweight design inspired by one of Union's pro-level offerings. Not only that, they've been redesigned from the ground up, with an attention to detail that demonstrates Union's dedication to riders of every ability. If you're still getting the hang of things, or simply looking for a smooth, forgiving pair, the Union Rosa Snowboard Bindings are one of the best options out there.
Union Strata Binding
The Union Strata Snowboard Bindings are a favorite among the Union faithful. Fused Vaporlite bushings create an epic, durable base that absorbs chatter and rails like nobody's business, all while delivering razor sharp precision through sketchy terrain and fast-twitch tree runs. The Forma Ankle Straps keep your feet feeling ready for more on long missions while the Ultragrip X Toe Straps grip tight and secure the relationship between your boots, board, and snow. You just can't go wrong with the Union Strata Snowboard Bindings.
Rossignol Battle
Buckle in and ride. The Battle is an entry-level all-mountain binding that offers easy entry and secure comfort that take the struggle out of the snowboard skills progression. Our 3D-molded ladders let you dial in the right tension, while padded toe and heel pads complement our MainFrame highbacks for the power transmission, comfort and skill-building control to play in the park and rip all-mountain. Step into the Battle and get ready to throw down. Quick and Easy Entry Cast aluminum Baselight buckles offer durability and quick ratcheting for easy entry-and-exit Heelside Power MainFrame highbacks feature a rigid center frame for massive heelside power with engineered flex zones for incredible side-to-side mobility Secure, Low-Vibration Comfort Featuring two zones of compression and thermoformed EVA, Puffy Pad footbeds increase comfort and vibration absorption
Rossignol Women's Bindings After Hours
Ride the whole mountain with style. Endorsed by two-time Freeride World Tour winner Marion Haerty, the After Hours is a women's high-performance snowboard binding with freestyle attitude. A 2.5-degree inward cant relieves the stress of wider stances for enhanced leverage and pop, while Elasti-Backs lend a smooth flex and a forgiving feel. Enhanced Comfort, Instant Power Transmission: 3D AsymWrap Highbacks enhance boot-binding contact for responsive power transmission and stability. Smooth, Responsive Flex: Elasti-Backs provide smooth flex and elasticity for improved shock absorption. Natural Stance Alignment: 2.5-Degree Canted Footbeds create a natural stance alignment and allow for full nose and tail pressure when ollie-ing or buttering. Shock Absorption, Increased Pop: Magnebed 2.5R footbeds add full-length cushioning underfoot and built-in canting for increased pop and easier butters. Quick-Adjust Comfort: Durable Spinal Cord strap design conforms to the boot and offers lightning-fast adjustment.
Rome 390 Boss Snowboard Binding
This minimalist-styled binding is built to spin parks laps and crank groomers ‘til it’s two more skip the last. With a foolproof combination of PureFlex Ankle Straps and PureGrip Toe Straps, the 390 Boss is a press-happy monster of freestyle freakery.
Rome Brass Snowboard Bindings
New for this season, the Brass is a binding designed for women who want lightweight power for all-mountain antics. Built on our FullWrap Platform for powerful responsiveness and complemented by the medium flex and support provided by PureFlex Ankle Straps, the Brass loves full-send situations and highspeed laps.
Rome D.O.D. Binding
Tried and true versatility and all-mountain performance come standard with the D.O.D. This staple in our line has earned its stripes in the icy parks of Vermont, the steeps of Jackson and the bottomless forests of Hokkaido. Chatter absorbing Anti- Shock highback, UltraLight Ankle Straps and ProGrip Toe Straps featuring AuxTech™, the D.O.D. is all about locked in hold and tweakability you only find in a Rome binding.
Rome Glade Binding
Designed as a user-friendly binding that helps women advance no matter their ability level, the Glade is an easy riding binding for all. With the combination of the sturdy Unibody platform and soft flexing PureFlex Ankle Straps, the Glade is a foolproof binding that keeps the grins coming all season long.
Rome Minishred Binding
The MiniShred binding takes all the Rome know-how about making great bindings and pairs it down for the tiniest of riders. Featuring comfy straps, a sturdy highback, adjustable sizing to grow with riders, and tool-free adjustable strap locations and highback positioning for daily adjustments, the MiniShred will take groms from day 1 to wherever the season takes them.
Rome Slice Binding
The Slice is a beginner friendly binding with a medium flex pattern and plenty of power when you need it. Built to be equally comfortable learning to link turns as it is powering through the trees, the PureFlex Ankle Strap and Unibody platform combine to make an accessible binding that will keep you lapping for multiple seasons.
K2 Meridian
For all-day comfort, customization, and performance, the K2 Meridian sets the bar and takes a freestyle approach to cruising, popping, and slashing your way all over the mountain: no wonder it's a Team favorite. Exclusive to K2, the TriPod Chassis takes center stage on the mid-flexing K2 Meridian. This technology works in harmony with the natural geometry of the human foot to find the sweet spot between energy transfer and board flex. We've also built in 3° of canting, and an adjustable power ramp place you in a balanced riding position while perfectly matching the shape of your boot outsole. The urethane-based Tweakback highback is flexible and features our Gap Eraser forward lean adjustment, eliminating the need for a traditional lean-block: resulting in a lighter weight binding with superior response. Holding your boot securely into the binding, our 3D Bender ankle strap and PerfectFit 2.0 toe strap are supremely comfortable and allow for maximum flexibility and support for grabs and tweaks. Both the ankle and the toe straps utilize aluminum ratchets with EZ Feed design for lifelong durability and lighting-quick strapping-in. - TriPod Chassis w/ Lockout Block: A supportive and smooth-flexing chassis that uses interchangeable pods on the base of the binding to customize the lateral mobility and feel to your exact liking. - StraightUp Tweakback Highback with Gap Eraser Forward Lean Adjustment: Injected urethane allows the highback to remain extremely flexible regardless of temperature for maximum medial and lateral tweak. - Bender Ankle Strap: A low-profile, padless, and extremely flexible injection-molded ankle strap built to optimize freestyle mobility. - Perfect Fit 2.0 Toe Strap: Patented toe strap technology that uses flexible hinges and lock levers to custom fit the toe strap to any snowboard boot silhouette. - 3° Canted Footbed: 3° of inward canting in the footbed places the rider in a natural riding position. - 100% Tool-Less Adjustment: Once mounted to your board, all strap and highback adjustments can be done on the fly without the need for screwdrivers or other tools.
Arbor Cypress
The Cypress is a freeride design for riders who like their lines a little more rowdy and their playgrounds bigger. We've created a powerful binding by stiffening our exclusive System X Baseplate with double the fiberglass; adding a lighter, stiffer and more laterally supportive highback; and beefing up the outsole. That translates into high-speed, big-mountain performance.
Arbor Sequoia
The Cypress is a freeride design for riders who like their lines a little more rowdy and their playgrounds bigger. We've created a powerful binding by stiffening our exclusive System X Baseplate with double the fiberglass; adding a lighter, stiffer and more laterally supportive highback; and beefing up the outsole. That translates into high-speed, big-mountain performance.
Arbor Sequoia Marie-France Roy Edition
The Sequoia is a versatile, all-mountain binding designed specifically for women. We've taken our proprietary System X Baseplate and adapted it into a smaller and more forgiving binding that prioritizes comfort and board control. The Sequoia features a re-designed highback, all new dual-injected ankle strap and lighter, stronger hardware.
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