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Snowboard Boots

Rome Ace Boa Boot
New for this season, the Ace is a youth boot designed to bridge the gap from MiniShred sizing to adult performance. This soft yet supportive boot is backed with Rome's Rad F.I.T. Liner for a heat moldable fit. With the foolproof dialed fit of a single dial BOA system and TX3 Lacing for quick and easy adjustments, the Ace keeps the good times rolling
Rome Inferno
If you harbor the burning desire for comfortable, responsive boots, be sure to stoke your feet out with the Rome Inferno Snowboard Boots. Featuring a moderately stiff flex, dual BOA Focus lacing and molded SkateCuff 3D technology to keep your ankle locked in the cushy Pro F.I.T. liner, the Inferno boots have all the ingredients to fuel your fire. Hot plate!
Rome Minishred Boa Boot
Designed to keep young rippers progressing and on hill longer, the MiniShred is the boot you wish you had when you started riding. With a single dial BOA and our linerless construction, the MiniShred boot keeps things simple without sacrificing comfort or fit.
K2 Benes
Heat-Moldable Intuition Liner And Easy-To-Use Boa Coiler A new offering in the K2 boot collection built to deliver premium performance without breaking the bank. An Intuition Comfort Foam gives the Benes heat-moldability for an unrivaled fit, an H4 Coiler Boa Fit System makes on-the-fly adjustments an ease, and the PhyLight Outsole keeps this boot lightweight and stylish. - Boa Stainless Steel - H4 Coiler Boa Fit System - Articulating Cuff - Internal J -Bars - Intuition Comfort Foam 3D Liner - Fast-In Liner Lacing - Die Cut EVA Footbed - PhyLight Outsole - 4/10 Boot Flex
K2 Darko
A Freestyle Staple For More Than A Decade A freestyle staple for over a decade, the K2 Darko is a comfort classic designed to keep you lapping the park all day long. With an Articulating Cuff, an Intuition Control Foam 3D Liner, and our renowned RollSole Outsole for increased mobility and unparalleled tweakability, the Darko continues to be the ultimate weapon for the park and beyond. - Traditional Lace - Articulating Cuff - Internal J -Bars - External J-Bars - Cored Ankle Pockets - Intuition Comfort Foam 3D Liner - Mobility Conda with Boa Fit System - Die Cut EVA Footbed - RollSole 2.0 - 5/10 Boot Flex
K2 Haven
Time and time again, women choose the K2 Haven snowboard boot because of its unmatched out-of-the-box fit. The Haven features a heat-moldable Intuition Comfort Foam 3D Liner and Fast-In liner lacing system - two critical pieces for all day warmth and comfort. We’ve topped it all off with a hassle-free H3 BOA Coiler lacing system to make sure that tightening your boots is as easy as possible. - H3 BOA Coiler Lacing - Flex Zone Upper - Intuition Comfort Foam 3D Liner - Fast-In Liner Lacing System - Die Cut EVA Footbed - Rubber Light Outsole
K2 Kat
No one progresses faster than our young riders, which is why the Kat is built right to ensure young women have what they need to push themselves and everyone else forward. BOA lacing and an articulating cuff deliver dialed fit, while the Comfort Foam liner and Low-Pro outsole create comfortable and powerful engagement with superb board feel. Its everything the up-and-comer needs to come on up! - Youth BOA Lacing System - Articulating Cuff Upper - Comfort Foam EVA Liner - Die Cut EVA + Grows-A-Long Shims - Low-Pro Outsole
K2 Maysis
$309.00 - $309.95
The Number-One Selling Boot In The World The number-one selling boot in the world got a facelift. The exterior features an all-new pattern, and a new premium rubber outsole exclusive to K2. Inside, pair a heat-moldable Intuition Control Foam Liner with our Conda Boa heel retention system for an unrivaled fit that’s incredibly comfortable. - Boa Stainless Steel - H4 Coiler Boa Fit System - Articulating Cuff - Endo Construction - Rubber Reinforced - Internal J -Bars - External J-Bars - Cored Ankle Pockets - Intuition Control Foam 3D Liner - Recycled Coffee Mesh - Conda with Boa Fit System - 3D Formed EVA Footbed - This Grips Premium Rubber Outsole - Harshmellow - 7/10 Boot Flex
K2 Raider
The Next Step, With Harshmellow To Extend Your Day With unrivaled out-of-the-box fit, a smooth flex, and durable features, the K2 Raider has all of the components that make a hit with progressing snowboarders year after year. Complete with the time-tested Intuition Comfort Foam 3D Liner, Fast-In Harness, and an easy-to-use H4 Coiler Boa Fit System, the Raider is equipped for comfort, fun, and progression. - Boa Stainless Steel - H4 Coiler Boa Fit System - Flex Zone - Internal J -Bars - External J-Bars - Intuition Comfort Foam 3D Liner - Fast-In Liner Lacing - Die Cut EVA Footbed - Rubber Light Outsole - Harshmellow - 4/10 Boot Flex
K2 Rosko
The K2 Rosko is a snowboard boot that is much more than you bargained for and a noted overachiever in our snowboard boot collection. Built with the tech you need from companies you trust, we partnered with BOA and Intuition to give you the bang-for-the-buck you are after. The H4 Coiler BOA Fit System uses stainless steel BOA laces to provide a secure closure with an effortless twist of a dial. The integrated Intuition Comfort Foam 3D liner naturally forms to the shape of your foot, and is constructed with internal j-bars to hug and cushion your ankles. We pair this heat-moldable liner with our easy-to-use Fast-In liner lacing for a premium fit. We tie it all together with a Phylite outsole and integrated flex zone upper cuff for grippy, lightweight, durable performance and smooth flex over the lifetime of the boot. - H4 Coiler BOA Fit System: Impact resistant, durable, and performance driven, the H4 BOA Dial ejects on severe impact and is easily re-inserted into the boot. - Fast-In Liner Lacing: No-frills liner lacing that stays tight and provides support for all-day resort riding. - Intuition Comfort Foam 3D Liner: Heat-moldable and constructed with softer Intuition foam with a focus on all-day comfort and long-lasting wear. - PhyLight Outsole: EVA materials provide a uniform flex and durability in an extremely lightweight package. - Articulating Upper Cuff: Independent upper cuff articulation delivers a distortion-free flex. - Die-Cut EVA Footbed: Provides cushioning and support built from tough EVA foam.
K2 Vandal
Our younger riders are some of the fastest-progressing members of our family. Because of that, we make sure they're gear is never second-tier. The Vandal boot delivers the performance of our adult boots, with features like Grows-A-Long shims and Youth BOA lacing that make them the perfect choice for those about to graduate from grom status. - Youth BOA Lacing System - Articulating Cuff Upper - Comfort Foam EVA Liner - Die Cut EVA + Grows-A-Long Shims - Low-Pro Outsole
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