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Tahe PaddleBoards Beach ALU Adjustable LL Paddle
The BEACH 170-210cm Lever-Lock adjustable SUP paddle is a value priced paddle with a premium adjustment system. Ideal for paddlers from 5’2”/1.60m to 6’4”/1.95m in height, yet still functional beyond this range as well. The Lever-Lock adjustment system keeps the shaft free of any bulky mechanisms by placing the adjustment mechanism in the T-Handle. An elegant system typically reserved for more expensive paddles. Beach paddles are optimized for durability and ease of use for recreational paddlers looking for reliability and value. They’re simple, strong and ideall suited to club, rental and family use. Made with precision aluminum shafts and reinforced nylon blades.
Cannon Paddles Boost Fiberglass Adjustable Paddle
The Boost Fiberglass will help keep you on the water while providing you unparalleled blade performance. We use a high strength to weight ratio fiberglass shaft along with the strongest measured blade in the industry to get you moving on the water.
Cannon Paddles Juice Carbon Adjustable Paddle
Those looking for a little more horsepower, should look to the Juice to fill their tank. The Juice has an Outrigger shaped blade which promotes unparalleled power on the water.The Juice comes standard with our custom LeverLock 16” adjustment system. No buttons, no clamps, it’s an integrated adjustment system that allows free hand movement without hitting a button or bulky adjustment piece on the shaft. The shaft is a smooth carbon composite construction for excellent comfort and feel on the water.
Bending Branches Paddles Sunrise Glass Kayak Paddle
Combining lightweight fiberglass performance and durable blades, the Sunrise Glass is a high-performer for flatwater kayaking. Lightweight, durable fiberglass shaft that'll keep your joints from feeling achy, even after a full day of paddling Great value for all types of paddling Hi-vis polypropylene blades help keep you visible on the water Snug-fitting 3 hole snap-button ferrule that is adjustable for feathering angles 0° & 60° (L or R)
Aqua Bound Eagle Ray Carbon 2 Piece Paddle
Carbon from tip-to-tip, the Eagle Ray Carbon has extra-long low-angle blades that grab the water like a high-angle blade.
Aqua Bound Malta Fiber SUP Paddle
For the ultimate in lightweight and fresh, eye-popping colors, the Malta Fiberglass delivers on all fronts. Crafted of compression molded fiberglass, the Malta's blade is a sleek 87 sq. in. of translucent beauty. At just 18.5 oz, the Malta Fiberglass is lighter in weight than comparable models Smooth forward stroke is easy on the body and not overly fatiguing Contoured palm grip provides for smooth paddling comfort
Aqua Bound Manta Ray Fiber
A warm, lightweight fiberglass shaft combined with efficient, strong blades for assertively moving water. Fiberglass shaft is lightweight and warm on the hands Big, beefy blades are a great choice for big boats looking to move more water The blades are made of exclusive Aqua-Bound abXII resin reinforced with fiberglass fibers Snug fitting, snap-button ferrule allows for multiple feather angles
Aqua Bound StingRay Hybrid Paddle
Aqua Bound's most popular paddle, the Sting Ray Hybrid is lighter than comparable models by 4oz, packing a high-performance carbon shaft with non-stop nylon blades. 100% Carbon shaft is lightweight to reduce fatigue and joint strain and very durable Mid-sized, fiberglass reinforced blades allow for a smooth, flutter free forward stroke The Sting Ray Hybrid offers the Posi-Lok® ferrule system which clicks into position firmly and securely featuring strong, corrosion-free composite construction, convenient dual-button release, and infinite feathering angles
Aqua Bound Tango Fiberglass 2-Piece Straight Shaft Kayak Paddle
The lightweight, low-angle performance paddle that offers the smoothest forward stroke in paddles.
Accent Paddles Adv Hybrid Paddle
The Advantage SUP series is a first in the industry. Accent's new innovative hybrid shaft system utilizes an elastomer grip which encourages lighter grip pressure, reduced tension and increased power. The feel of the Advantage Grip is soft to the touch and the ovaled design will ensure consistent hand placement on every stroke
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