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Ski & Snowboard Boot Fitting

Why does a good boot matter?

For skiers and snowboards alike, perhaps no other equipment selection can have a bigger impact on your overall experience and maximize your enjoyment on the slopes than your boots. They are the link between your skis and board. They are responsible for transferring energy from your body to your skis or board, providing feedback from the snow surface, and keeping your feet warm and protected. How well they perform these duties depends on how well they fit. Properly fit boots can improve comfort, increase performance, and help avoid injury. Our friendly staff have the experience to help guide you towards the best fitting equipment. When recommending ski and snowboard boots, we will help you narrow down the options based on your foot anatomy, body mechanics, ability level, commitment level and goals.  

The Process

First and foremost, boot fitting should not be rushed and usually takes an hour or more to be done properly.  Bring your favorite ski or snowboard socks (if less than a year old) or purchase new ones.  Also bring your old pair of boots with you - this can help the fitter make a more informed recommendation.  We will ask a lot of questions as measure all aspects of your feet including function of your foot to determine a proper selection of boots for you to try on.  Additionally we will recommend the correct foot bed to enhance the fit and performance of the boots.  Once a selection has been made, we will finalize the fit and provide any modifications to get you dialed into your new boots in addition to care and storage information, to ensure you receive the maximum enjoyment and lifespan from your new equipment.


When purchasing new ski and snowboard boots from Action Sports we provide a 90-day fit guarantee. If you have any fit problems within 90 days of purchase, come back and we can fix them at no extra labor charge for that period of time.  Have a fit problem with boots purchased elsewhere or out of the 90 day fit guarantee period?  Then the following prices will apply:

Boot Buckle Installation Labor Each + Buckle                  $35.00                 

Install Boot Heater Pair                                                     $50.00

Install Boot Heater with Heater Purchase                         $40.00

Stance Alignment Assessment                                          $75.00

Boot Shell Punch (per punch)                                           $30.00

Boot Shell Grind (per grind)                                              $35.00

Boot Liner Stretch (per stretch)                                         $25.00

Boot Pair - Heat Mold Liner                                               $60.00

Boot Pair - Intuition Liner Heat Mold                                 $70.00

Boot Pair Heat Mold Shells                                               $65.00

Boot Miscellaneous Labor/Fitting (per hour)                     $80.00